Each leader has their style in managing a team in an organization or company. It depends on their leadership management skill and other factors. Here, we have the styles of a leader in organizing a team. This information helps to know your style as a leader. Then, you can improve yourself to be a better leader.

Autocratic Leader 

If you are the one who determines the strategies, policies, procedures, and direction of your team, you are an autocratic leader. It means that you are only the decision maker and rarely accept feedback. It is good in an urgent condition that needs a fast decision. The drawback is that your team depends on you. They often wait for your orders to do something and have a low motivation to do something. 

Democratic Leader 

You are a democratic leader if you organize the team by involving their opinion. You are allowed to participate in accomplishing a specific project. Indeed, you are still the decision maker. A democratic leader often has a creative team. On the other hand, it takes time to decide the best one since you get a variety of solutions.  

Laissez-faire Leader 

As a laissez-faire leader, you will use your leadership management skill to delegate a person to the team. You analyze first all of their abilities and give them the right tasks. A team will be motivated by this leadership style. It is a bit hard when the team doesn’t know the mission.   

Transformational Leader 

As a transformational leader, you understand what you want to achieve a goal. Then, you are stimulating your team to work with you. As a result, all of you are focusing on accomplishing a task and cooperating to find the best strategies.

So, what type of leader are you? There is no ideal style. Keep improving your leadership management skill. Use it to manage your team to finish a task well. 

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