Personal growth has an important role to boost your career. You have to scale whether you have grown enough or not. Indeed, you should know how to measure what you have grown so far. The explanation below will help to measure your development. If you have developed enough, you deserve a better career.     

You Have Goals and Achieved Them 

Most successful people have goals and try to achieve them. You have growth if you have goals and achieve them. Having a goal means that you are a person with a strong commitment, focus on something you do, and want to do anything to achieve the goals. 

You are More Confident than Before 

Think about the difference between yourself 3 or 5 years ago and today. You are growing more confident than before. In professional life, you dare to accept a bigger responsibility and new challenge. It is a significant personal growth that affects not only you but also your company.  

You Love to Learn

Some people stop learning and focus on doing their daily job. It can be a reason why they are stuck in their career. It will be different if you love to learn. Learning means that you get new knowledge and skills. You can use the new skills and knowledge to give something to your company. It may boost you to get a better career. 

You are Trusted 

Check whether people start to trust you or not. The more people trust you, the more significant you’re growing. It means that you are a responsible person with a strong commitment.    

You Have a Bigger Network 

How wide is your network right now? If it is bigger than a few years ago, you are growing. Indeed, you have faced a long personal growth experience until achieving your reputation and the trust of others today. 

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